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Mountains, Maya, & Magical Hands

In February of this past year, we traveled as a small group of 10 to the magical land of Guatemala – a country who’s natural beauty and powerful cultural and social identity made this destination an exciting combination of cultural insight, artisanal demonstrations, and welcome participation in regional fiestas and religious demonstrations.

Guatemala has suffered several decades of political turmoil and civil war and was focused primarily in Guatemala’s highland area, known as the Ixil Triangle. Many native people were caught in the cross-fire and their village life & livelihood ruined. So when we planned our visit to Guatemala, we made sure to include stops to this highland area. We were invited to visit the re-emerging fair-trade artisan co-operatives of this rural area in Guatamala and felt privileged to be some of the first tourists to return and tour the lush highlands of this beautiful land.