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Nomad <3's Fulani !

Baba displays huge traditional-style Fulani earrings

For the past 25 years, Nomad has relied on African traders who pass by from time to time in vans full of all kinds of treasures; masks, beads, jewelry and other fine crafts. One of our all time favorite traders, Peace Core Baba of Mopti, Mali, recently travelled to the U.S. to show a stunning collection of goods at the L.A. Gift Show!

Of his selection, we are most excited to share with you the traditional earrings of the Fulani women of Mali, and the craftsmanship behind them. The finest Fulani earrings are made from pure gold, and wrapped with red silk or wool thread around the wire to support their weight. These elaborate earrings were the Fulani womens’ primary display of her wealth, and were a declaration of financial independence. Historically, these gold earrings were only obtained on her wedding day or upon the death of her mother.  The most popular styles are now made in silver or brass.

Fulani earrings are generally made by African metal smiths.  To make each earring, the artist will heat individual strips of metal, carefully score it, then hammer it into thin blades. While the blades are flexible, the artist will twist the metal into the trademark Fulani earring shape.

fulani pile!

& We now have brass and silver styles available to you at Nomad in all sizes (except for the jumbo ones), all thanks to the artistry of Peace Core Baba!