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Finding Nomad Treasures Abroad

Two years ago, Deb Colburn and Julia Zagar’s annual February Art & Soul trip took them and a group of travelers to Guatemala.  Last year, they toured through Southern Mexico: Chiapas and the Yucatan.  This year, they’re gearing up for their reunion tour from Mexico City  to Oaxaca, in celebration of the first place they led a tour through fifteen years ago.

Along with eating delicious traditional food, sight-seeing in modern cities and archeological cites, going to museums, and enjoying demonstrations from artisans; weavers, ceramicists, painters, beaders and chefs, the gang sure did a lot of what Nomads do best…. shopping!


The snapshot here shows Deb picking out some goodies in Guatemala to bring back for the Nomad store back in Cambridge.  Looking forward to lots more to come from this year’s trip to Oaxaca!  Stay tuned.