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Chic, Tribal Kuchi Jewelry

July 12 2016

Kuchi jewelry brings us a piece of traditional nomadic culture from the borders of Afghanistan and Pakistan with its rough and antique appearance.

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The Pashtoon tribe, one of the largest ethnic groups in Afghanistan, have worn Kuchi jewelry as a way to embody the constant motion of the tribe itself; moving down the mountains for the winter, and back up the mountains for the summer. The word “Kuchi” is a Persian word which, when translated, means “migration,” and is viewed by the Pashtoon culutre as a state of being rather than a temporary necessity.

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Though there is no true written history of the tribe within the borders of their land, Kuchi jewelry stands as a statement of the Pashtoon culture and lifestyle, and brings a unique vairety to jewelry as a genre. Come into Nomad and take a look at our Kuchi rings, pendants, earrings, and necklaces, and surround your self with movement and beauty, too!

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