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 Nomad is so excited to be participating in the Art Institute of Boston(AIB) Storefront Project! Since AIB became affiliated with Lesley University in 1998, (our friendly neighbor both to the left and the right), plans have been in the works to bring AIB, currently in Kenmore Square, to Cambridge.  Designs have been drawn up, funding is snowballing, and groundbreaking is slated to begin this year. (You can look at the designs here.  AIB is also proudly celebrating their Centennial year.

The AIB Storefront Project is meant to welcome AIB to the Harvard/Porter community, and to congratulate the school on reaching 100.  AIB collaborated with 17 retail stores along Massachusetts avenue in organizing this project; putting AIB student, faculty and alumni work in the windows for one month.  We were paired with an incredibly talented alumna of AIB, Julie Angela Theresa, whose paintings have brought us so much positivity from the local community.  We also think that it’s safe to say that our window merchandiser, Rebecca Demorest, did a fabulous job of integrating Julie’s paintings in with our clothing and goods. If you haven’t checked out our windows in person yet, please come visit!  Catch the rest of the artwork in the windows of our retail neighbors as you walk to Nomad, from either direction.  You can find the blog for the project, get information, and see images of the work at: http://storefrontartproject.wordpress.com. You can look at Julie’s work (the AIB artist we’re representing) online at: Julie Angela Theresa.

Here is Lesley’s article about the exhibit:



The exhibition will have a closing reception on Wednesday October 10th, and we’ll follow up with further details on facebook (facebook.com/nomadcambridge).





Baba displays huge traditional-style Fulani earrings

For the past 25 years, Nomad has relied on African traders who pass by from time to time in vans full of all kinds of treasures; masks, beads, jewelry and other fine crafted folk art. One of our all time favorite traders, Peace Core Baba of Mopti, Mali, recently travelled to the U.S. to show a stunning collection of goods at the L.A. Gift Show!

Of his selection, we are most excited to share with you the traditional earrings of the Fulani women of Mali, and the craftsmanship behind them. The finest Fulani earrings are made from pure gold, and wrapped with red silk or wool thread around the wire to support their weight. These elaborate earrings were the Fulani womens’ primary display of her wealth, and were a declaration of financial independence. Historically, these gold earrings were only obtained on her wedding day or upon the death of her mother.  The most popular styles are now made in silver or brass.

Fulani earrings are generally made by African metal smiths.  To make each earring, the artist will heat individual strips of metal, carefully score it, then hammer it into thin blades. While the blades are flexible, the artist will twist the metal into the trademark Fulani earring shape.

fulani pile!

& We now have brass and silver styles available to you at Nomad in all sizes (except for the jumbo ones), all thanks to the artistry of Peace Core Baba!


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Our Nepal Art Dog folk art window display is getting attention from some exciting sources!

A Nepali man who works in the neighborhood stopped by to tell us how excited he was to see a little part of his home town right here in Cambridge.  He said that he was very familiar with hand-painted signage.  In Nepal, people have their license plates hand-painted, and almost every house has a “Beware of Dog” sign, whether or not there is actually a dog inside.  Such great insider info into the art of Nepali sign painting!

A local blogger, Jan Devereux, writes articles on www.cambridgecanine.com, and is always looking for inspiration around the Cambridge/Fresh Pond area.  She featured our Danger Dogs (and Dr. Watson) in an article yesterday (7.12.2012) after paying a visit to Nomad.  Here’s the full link: http://cambridgecanine.com/2012/07/danger-dogs-visit-from-nepal/ .  We’re so happy she visited!



Spring has sprung and the heats on!

This Memorial day weekend, forget about the corn dogs.  Treat your palette to a south of the border flavor fiesta with the Quick & Easy Mexican cookbook.

All you need is a good cocktail and some good amigos to share the fun. Pick up this fantastic cook book while browsing our great selection of folk art, clothing, jewelry and all kinds of fine hand crafted goods at Nomad in Cambridge.