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Boucherouite Rag Rugs

Moroccan boucherouite rugs, pronounced “boo-shay-REET”, are anything BUT raggedy!




Their name comes from a Moroccan-Arabic phrase used to describe torn and re-used clothing.










Made by women for use in the home, these zany carpets were developed in the 1960s and 70s as a result of several global socio-economic factors.  As nomadic Moroccan lifestyle sharply declined during the 20th century, sheepherding also decreased, resulting in scarcer sources of wool; the traditional Moroccan Berber rug material.



Paradoxically, Moroccan rugs grew in popularity throughout the international market, and weavers were forced to adapt using more available and contemporary materials – anything from nylon to polyester and recycled plastics, in all kinds of synthetic and poppy colors.

IMG_0153 IMG_0132














Combined with the wild aesthetic of organic and asymmetrical shapes bumping up against and bleeding into one another, plus the anything-goes technical attitude employing all kinds of surface treatment, come  these super-splashy, liberated, and irresistibly bohemian and chic rugs.