JEWELS Brijoux Arrowheads on Chain Earrings


JEWELS Brijoux earrings are an essential addition to your everyday look. These are cast in sterling silver from an original ancient Syrian tool fragment, and tiered three per earring on JEWELS signature mixed-style silver chains. Stamped with little grommets, the arrowheads’  flat surface has nice irregularity, while their edges are hand-smoothed. We love that the ear wire is integrated into the design of the earring. So effortlessly cool and timeless, with a little bit of tough. More dramatic than the solo Brijoux arrowhead with big movement when worn.

8 grams each, 3.25″ long from top of ear wire to longest point

About the Brijoux collection: Amulets of inspiration and for inspiration, dedicated to the memory of Jewels’ stepdaughter, Sabrina. Created from sterling silver castings of timeless symbolic forms, meant to empower the individual.

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