Since 1999, Deb Colburn of NOMAD and Julia Zagar of the "Eyes Gallery" of Philadelphia have combined their 50+ years of expert experience, knowledge and love for the art and culture of Mexico to share with fellow travelers. Traveling in a small group, you'll get to experience this country as only we know it - combining art, culture, shopping and lots of fun! We visit all the best places, including artisans in their homes, small villages, regional fiestas, off-beat museums and markets as well as tour archaeological sites. You'll get to take part in cooking classes, meet with experts in various fields of anthropology and much more.

Join Us For Art & Soul 2014! Oaxaca and Chiapas

October 20 2013

mexican jaguar

A Craft Tradition and Folk Art Tour

February 5th-15th, 2014


This year, Deb and Julia are continuing their love affair with Southern Mexico.


We’ll be traveling with our fearless leader Raul and a small group, and learning about the area’s developments and discoveries, both new and old. Dividing our attention between Oaxaca and Chiapas, we’ll have enough time in each location to thoroughly explore these two cities that are so rich with cultural heritage.




We’ll go off the beaten path, and enjoy visits with artists and artisans, cooking demos, mercados, museums and mucho mas! We’re looking forward to another fabulous trip!

Just e-mail or call us for more info!



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