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Freyja Jewels Ouroboros Necklace


The pendant is solid sterling silver and approximately 1.25" long and 1.25” wide, and hangs on an 18"-20" adjustable sterling silver bar chain and has a lobster claw clasp.

These pieces are entirely hand made by Katya from start to finish, but for one middle step: the lost wax casting process which is done for me at a fabulous family owned casting shop in RI, just an hour drive away from her Boston home. In addition to the wax work, she sets her own stones and does all of the metal work as well. Each piece she makes comes from her heart, imagination and materializes via her hands. Each creation is literally a small piece of her going out into the world to spread its own little magic. She hopes her pieces bring their wearers moments of joy and empowerment.

Part of an ongoing collection of hand sculpted wax designs inspired by animism, mysticism, ancient folklore, fairytales, and a lifelong adoration of all animals -- real animals, as well as mythical...

In Freyja Jewels signature woodland baroque style, where more is MORE and each one of a kind piece just might be your portal down a dark and twisty fantasy forest path where the fungi spirits blow whispers of spores to alert the forest guardian deer spirits of a strange presence visiting... ...or perhaps it is just a relic from such a place..? We may never know! In the meantime, such a magical handmade talisman can be yours...!
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