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Pears & Apples Oilcloth by the Yard


  • 1 yard
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  • 6 yards
  • 7 yards
  • 8 yards
Sold by the yard (36 inches) - 3 feet
Width 47.5 inches
Wipe clean only, not machine washable.
Do not put in dryer and do not iron.

Oilcloth yardage that's perfect for achieving that 1950's retro look. Luscious fruits paired with florals on a bold background is guaranteed to give your home a pop of color. Can be made into tote bags, place mats and tablecloths and so much more! Get creative!

Modern oilcloth is a vinyl fabric with a 65% polyester 35% cotton scrim backing. Contemporary oilcloth is a direct descendant of the much older canvas cloths treated with linseed oils, hence the name oilcloth. This oilcloth is similar to its outdated ancestor from the 1950s but is new and improved -- it does not crack, peel, or fade with normal usage. Oilcloth has a woven, durable backing and can be sewn!
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